We thank everyone who contributed to the development of our AUVs. We have many members joining and leaving each semester, and so this list is ultimatly incomplete. If you wish to join this page, please contact us via email with an image and bio and we would be glad to include you in this list.

Evan Gibbard

Mechanical Team

Evan is a fourth year mechanical engineering student he worked on the dynamic ballast system for the AUV as part of his capstone. He is interested in ROV design and enjoys the challenges of designing systems capable of performing in harsh environments.

Team Photo 2023

Aman Nijjar

Electrical Team Lead

Aman has now graduated from UVIC Computer Engineering and he was the Electrical Team Lead. He is interested in hardware design and computer architecture, but besides his technical interests, he enjoys playing basketball and crafting leather goods.

Attended RoboSub 2019 & 2023

Team Photo 2023

Tom Walker

Mechanical Team & External Affairs

Tom has now graduated from UVIC Mechanical Engineering. He is interested in mechatronics and manufacturing. He designed the camera enclosures and led a sub-team of members to ensure hydrodynamic stability for TRIDENT, the newest AUV.

Attended RoboSub 2023

Team Photo 2023

Marie Nikkel

Electrical Team

Marie has now graduated from UVIC Electrical Engineering. She joined AUVIC in her second year at UVic. She has done co-ops in both manufacturing and hardware design roles. Marie focuses on hardware design on the electrical team. She designed the LED/LCD display board.

Attended RoboSub 2023

Team Photo 2023

Karan Dere

President & Mechanical Team Lead

Karan has now graduated from UVIC Mechanical Engineering. He enjoys cooking, finding new TV shows and Taekwondo. He is interested in mechatronic design/manufacturing, and worked on the main enclosure for TRIDENT.

Attended RoboSub 2019 & 2023 

Robert Keen

Project Manager & Firmware Team Lead

Robert is a fifth-year Electrical Engineering student who joined AUVIC in his first year. Robert started in the club by working on motor controller firmware and went on to complete a co-op with AUVIC in summer 2018. 

Chris Carpenter


Chris is a fourth-year Mechanical Engineering student who joined AUVIC after transferring to UVic from Camosun College. Chris is particularly interested in robotics and the challenges that come with designing for the sub-sea environment.

Andy Bates

Andy is a fourth-year electrical engineering student who has a passion for embedded systems. Andy did a co-op at AUVIC where he built a soft start circuit and designed a motor controller. Andy really enjoys designing embedded systems, taking them from breadboard to PCB while writing firmware for them. He also has his own website: www.andy-bates.ca

Anuraag Sinha

Anuraag Sinha is a fourth-year computer engineering student who has a strong interest in operating systems and embedded systems. He is in charge of designing and developing the software systems that control the underwater vehicle, as well as maintaining the club server and Github.

Keira Lane

Keira is a fourth-year mechanical engineering student who is passionate about mechanical design, problem-solving, and mechatronics. She enjoys tackling unique challenges, like those associated with engineering for underwater applications. Motivated to turn ideas into reality, since joining AUVIC Keira has been the driving force in dreaming up, designing, and producing the frame for Nautilus. Keira is currently working on creating a thruster dynamics model that will eventually be used to control future AUVIC AUVs.

Gabe Green

Gabe is a third-year electrical engineering student who is writing the first firmware for the weight dropper.

Keifer Edelmayer

Keifer is a third-year Computer Science student working on computer vision and software control systems for the AUV.

Ann-Kristin Blanken

Ann-Kristin is a fourth-year Electrical Engineering student. She joined AUVic in her first year because of her interest in oceans and  to work with project management and practical electrical projects. She has worked on the AUV’s lights and the digital signal processing algorithm for the hydrophones. Ann-Kristin served as AUVic’s Vice-President from Sept 2014- April 2016 and as President from May- Aug 2016. She has now passed her leadership roles on to new AUVic members and in her final year she primarily focuses on musical projects. However, she still supports AUVic and is thrilled with the direction the club is taking and the work that is being done by the new team members.

Kyle Treloar

Kyle Treloar was an electrical engineering student with specializations in digital & embedded systems and electronics. He is responsible for the initial development of the Red Herring control system, and established much of the software base being used by AUVic. His work includes setting up the UI and user control for Red Herring, creating a simulated environment for testing vehicles virtually, establishing routines to accelerate development using the WestGrid supercomputer network, and developing the computer vision and object recognition system.

Ashwin Sira

Ashwin was an Electrical Engineering student with an interest in analog design, power systems, robotics and automation, and autonomous systems. He joined AUVic in 2012, and has done a wide range of design work including pressure housing design, power systems, sensors, motor controllers, and software control system work. He also has done prior work with UVic AERO.

Benson Hung

Benson was a computer engineering student, who joined AUVic team for his first co-op. He tasks include the structure of the computer vision system, team shirts and website design. In addition, he enjoys foil fencing on Monday night and Saturday afternoon.

Bryce Bocking

Bryce Bocking was a 4th year mechanical engineering student, with an interest in mechatronics and underwater technologies, who has joined the AUVic team for his first co-op term. His tasks so far have included redesigning the AUV’s battery hull, as well as creating Solidworks models of other components. In addition, he has repaired the team’s fiber-optic cables and constructed a new fiber-optic reel to enable testing of AUV. His favourite sports include hockey and lacrosse, and he enjoys snowboarding and kiteboarding in his spare time. Bryce is currently a graduate student working under Dr. Buckham.

Steven Marks

Steven has a Diploma and an Advanced Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a specialization in Computer Controls. His interests lay primarily in control systems for autonomous vehicles and machines and their electrical and mechanical design. He received an entrance award for academic achievement and has been an integral part of the AUVic team (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) and their achievement of second place at the AUVSI competition in 2009.

Elvina Yong

Mechanical Team

Elvina was a Mechanical Engineering student who enjoys working with robots.

Kaelan Smith


Kaelan is a second-year business student interested in the administrative tasks associated with running AUVIC. Kaelan oversees the club’s finances and budget.

Jacob Lower

Software & Electrical Team

Jacob is a second-year physics student working on computer vision and electrical systems for the AUV

Ryan Key

Electrical Team

Ryan is a 4th year Electrical Engineering student with a diverse range of experience working in embedded electronics and underwater systems development


Rob Wassman

Adam Kwan

Rory Smith

Alec Cox

Jason McCormick