2018 ISO



Polaris was the product of the golden age of AUVIC engineering students. The team worked hard and diligently to design, manufacture, and test this vehicle for the 2018 RoboSub competition and we are proud to showcase our seniors creation in its final form.

Polaris is equipped with 8 thrusters to allow omni-directional travel and has a large self-righting moment, achieved through the positioning of a 960 cubic inch, watertight electronics housing at the top of the AUV. Polaris’ subsystems are mounted to a starboard plate, produced using 2-axis manufacturing techniques. The ease of manufacturing of this plate makes Polaris a modular framework, as subsystems can be added and removed without significant modifications to the vehicle. These subsystems include:

Key Stats

Dry weight: 90 lbs
Overall Dimensions (excluding thrusters): 35×16.5×21.5 in (LxWxH)
Depth Rating: 300 ft