Kraken (Tentative)

Kraken is the AUV that is currently being designed by the latest team. This AUV will be an extension of the work completed by the previous years team. Projects include a dropper, claw, torpedoes as well as countless electrical and software updates.  

2023/2024 AUV


Trident was the the vehicle that attended Robosub 2023 in San Diego. This was AUVic’s first attendance at Robosub since 2018. The vehicle was created with both salvaged parts from the Polars vehicle as well as newly designed parts. A new main enclosure was designed that made it much more simple to open and close the enclosure. New dynamic ballast systems were added to add the ability to move up and down in the water.  

2022/2023 AUV – Trident

Polaris - The North Star

Polaris was developed for the 2018 Robosub competition and further improved for the 2019 competition. It was the pinnicle of the second generational AUVIC members – which boasted a member count of over two dozen engineering and computer science students – who had developed a passion for marine engineering and underwater robotics.

2018/2019 AUV – Polaris – ISO model

Nautilus - The Fogotten One

Not much is recorded about Nautlius, however it is known that Nautilius pushed the envelope on mechanical design. The second generation of members who would design Polaris had taken this failure and learned much about underwater dynamics.

Red Herring

The AUV used in the 2016 competition. Red Herring was the smallest AUV designed by AUVIC. Built for maneuverability and data collection, Red Herring introduced the second generation to Robosub and underwater robotics.

2016 AUV – Red Herring


Aerius was designed by the first generation of AUVIC members. It came in second place at Robosub 2009.

First Generation’s AUV – Aerius