Stock music and video

Add some life to your video with music and b-roll

About stock media

“Stock media”, or purchased third party music, photographs or video can be used to enhance your video.


It’s important to ensure you source your media according to copyright law. Generally speaking, most content online cannot be simply downloaded and reused for your video or website. Contact the video co-ordinator if you are unsure. Read more here>


Music is an integral part of any video. It can evoke emotions and send messages without saying a word. Below are a number of recommended vendors, which are affordable and have music suitable for university videos.


  • Jamendo, a Royalty Free music library, connects artists and customers with affordable licensing options
  • Audio Jungle contains a wide variety of affordable, short, catchy pieces starting at around $18
  • Music Bed is a high end stock music site with great usability. Prices are around $150. (UVic is classified as non-profit)
  • Music Revolution has a free downloads page. Paid tracks start at $10.

Free music

You can search for music licensed under the Creative Commons license. Please carefully check the terms before using.

Stock video

Sometimes you need some footage to illustrate a message you are trying to convey, and it cannot be shot locally. For example, to help illustrate climate change, you might want video of a glacier calving. Below are a number of recommended stock video vendors.



Free video clips


If you cannot find a suitable video file, you can incorporate photographs into your video.

Vendors & free

  • iStock Photo is a popular vendor of stock images, illustrations and video
  • Morgue File is a free stock photo website
  • Pixabay is a free stock photo website you can use for any purpose
  • Unsplash is a free stock photo website