Guidelines to follow

Best practises to follow when you are the director on a shoot:
  • Provincial mask guidelines must be followed.
  • If a crew member is exhibiting signs of COVID-19 they must stay home.
  • If an interviewee is exhibiting signs of COVID-19 the shoot should be rescheduled.
  • If possible, outdoor shoots should be conducted rather than indoor shoots.
  • Crew should wear masks if indoors.
  • Use a boom microphone or directional mic if available.
  • Crew must stay 2 metres away from interviewee, unless placing a lapel mic on, in which case masks must be worn by both.
  • If crew is required to be closer than 2 metres from each other, masks must be worn (indoors and outdoors).
  • Make sure to ask subjects about their comfort level, for example “Are you comfortable if I stand here?” “Can I adjust this light?”