When your mom comes to visit you abroad

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My mom recently came and visited me in the UK for three weeks and we travelled around Europe.

As much as it was a trip to enjoy each other’s company after 8 months of not seeing each other, this ended with a huge realization for me.

We had planned a Europe trip for my high school graduation present, but unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to cancel it. Now, 3 years later we were able to take the trip during my year abroad since I’ve been living so closer to Europe!

Our journey began with 3 days in Norwich, where I live. It was fun to show her what she gave me.

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We visited Brighton to experience a nearby beach, Cambridge for a feel of an old university town, and York with one of her favourite churches.

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After taking trains around the UK we took a flight to Budapest, Hungary for 3 nights, then Prague, Czech Republic for another 3 nights. This part of the trip was my high school graduation present that we put off for 3 years. I think Budapest was my favourite city. The cities were so beautiful and very different from the UK.

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Afterwards, we flew to Ireland, where my mom was excited to see towns where her past relatives lived. During COVID-19 she’s been exploring her ancestry, which keeps her busy and interested in her roots.

To make it easiest, she rented a car to drive around small Irish towns. We spent nights at beautiful bed and breakfasts throughout the mini old towns. After exploring her heritage, we drove to Galway for 3 nights!

We even managed to drive to the Cliff of Moher, which is one of my well-travelled mother’s favourite places on Earth. It was so magical to experience her favourite place with me! Her first time travelling there was with her mom, and now I could experience her third time with her!

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After we drove to Dublin to return the car and stayed for 3 nights to see one of my favourite comedians, Taylor Tomlinson! (This was my birthday present.)

After that we flew to London to spend the last 4 nights there. It was so fun to explore the huge city with my mom.

We saw 2 Broadway shows, explored 3 markets, ate in London’s amazing food scene and even saw bits of the London marathon! She booked us a day trip to the Cotswolds, a set of old towns that look like they come right out of a movie!

When your mom comes to visit you at university remember that you wouldn’t be at university if it wasn’t for her. She has loved you this far and wants to see the person you’re becoming.

When your mom comes to visit take it in and even through the times of annoyance don’t take her for granted because she has blessed you with the education you have.

After finally doing the big trip that we’d been planning for 4 years, I realized I’d grown a lot, and it was exciting to show my mom someone new; not the Annika from last August. Even though the last time my mom saw her was 8 months ago, my year abroad has changed my ability to see things differently.

And as I lived through every second, I forget that these moments will eventually be memories. Next time I’d see her, I’ll be even more grateful, introducing her to my growth that she was able to foster/facilitate.

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