My First Year of University on Campus During a Pandemic

I did it! After experiencing the COVID-19 restrictions, stress, and anxieties while attending my first year of university fresh out of high school, I am proud to say these past 8 months have been my favourite months of my life so far.

Moving from Saskatchewan to Victoria for my first year of university with a full online course load was a huge risk that has made me want to take more risks in life.

I’m proud of myself for making the choice to move to a foreign province for this new chapter of my life because I managed to be my most happiest, authentic, and independent away from my childhood home. Here are some things that couldn’t have happened if I didn’t move onto UVIC residences for my year of online university.

I wouldn’t have met unique, inspiring, and diverse people who grew up in difference places to remind me of how big the world is.

I wouldn’t have been as focused on my schooling since being surrounded by university students who related to similar stressful time periods, academic goals, and lifestyles was a huge motivator to do my best while dealing with stress.

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I wouldn’t have found Victoria’s beautiful oceans, mountains, lakes, and vegetation to be such a healer and detox from stresses and screens.

I wouldn’t have made a movie with some of my closest friends and found my new passion for videography and cinematic film.

I wouldn’t have gifted my taste buds the multi cultural tastes of Victoria.

I wouldn’t have been so independent with my studying and life responsibilities as now, I feel like I deserve to call myself an adult.

Now I’m back in Saskatchewan for my last summer at home and I’m excited to move into a house with five of my closest friends in the fall!

I have a new admiration for my future and taking risks for more life experience!

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