10 Interesting First-Year Electives

If you’re overwhelmed by all of the electives you can take at UVic, here are some cool ones to help narrow down your options. Find more details about these courses in the University Calendar.

1. WRIT 100 – Introduction to Writing

This class is a full year and lets you try out five different genres: fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, playwriting, and screenwriting.

You learn writing techniques from published authors and it’s a great, non-stressful course.

2. SPAN 100A – Beginner’s Spanish I

Using ultrasound technology in my language class to see how our tongues move when we speak.

Learning a new language is a great skill to have for any major and will help connect you to a new culture. It doesn’t have to be Spanish, you could take Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Latin, German, and more!

3. PSYC 100A – Introductory Psychology I

This is a popular first-year elective where you can learn about people’s minds and get a little introduction into research.

4. ASL 100A – American Sign Language I

A different type of language course, but just as exciting. The classes are small and you not only learn the language, but you learn about deaf culture in North America as well.

5. FA 101 – Creative Being

Each class is a lecture by a different established artist. The assignments are based around creativity and the structure is loose so it is not a huge time commitment.

6. THEA 102 – Theatre Appreciation from Page to Stage

This theatre class is for non-theatre majors only so don’t be afraid if you don’t have previous experience in theatre. It’s a great way to have a class that gets you out of your seat and meeting new people.

7. MUS 108 – African Hand Drumming

The instruments are provided and no previous musical experience is required. This class is great for people who love music and want to learn more about a new culture.

8. ANTH 100 – Introduction to Anthropology

This class combines history, biology, sociology, and more. There are so many different types of anthropology that this class looks at, you are bound to find something you like.

9. CSC 110 – Fundamentals of Programming I

Almost every job these days requires people to have some computer skills. Fundamentals of Programming will teach you the basics of programming with programming languages.

10. IS 101 – Indigenous Foundations

Indigenous peoples and culture are a big part of British Columbia’s past and present history. In this course, you will learn about Indigenous identities, Indigenous culture, and the effect of colonialism. Since we are on their land, we should learn more about them.

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