Another Hike?! Mount Tzouhalem

Another hiking post from me! I think I’m going to start grading them out of five! I’d give this one 3.5 stars.

Here’s some basic information about it before I show you the view:

  • Distance: 6KM (Cowichan Valley)
  • Difficulty: The website said ‘Difficult’…but nah, not really. It honestly was such a chill walk! There was all of one moment where we had to walk up something ‘steep’ and it was so chill. Therefore, if you are hiking this trail looking for a challenge, ABORT. This is where the main deduction of points comes from for me. I was just expecting to put more effort in!
  • Drive: It took ~1hour each way, but if you spend it in good company with some good snacks and a great DJ (i.e. ME) then it flies by!
  • Views: GREAT!

You can find out more information on Mt. Tzouhalem on the Victoria Trails website.

All in all, an absolutely amazing view but I did find myself wishing for it to be longer!

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