UVic 101: How to Pick Courses that Fit your Timetable

Lately I have been learning a lot from the Academic Advising Centre for the Faculties of Humanities, Science & Social Sciences. Adding to my previous blog post of 6 things I wish I’d known about academic advising, I am sharing with you another powerful tool that I recently started using: the Advanced Search Tool.

By now you probably have chosen all of your courses this term but this will be helpful to fill any gaps you may have for your second term.

For first year students

If you think your timetable looks complicated and your planned course will not fit your schedule then fear no more!

Using the advanced search tool you can pick your subject of interest, the level of the course (100, 200 …), class days and times among other things.

Literally my face when I learned how to use it.









How to access the advanced search tool

  1. Log into MyPage
  2. Click on student services (left dark blue bar)
  3. Click on look up classes and choose your term
  4. Wait! Do not do a class search. Hidden in the bottom of the webpage (to the right of “course search”) is the link to the advanced search tool.


This will allow you to tailor your course search to fit your schedule, especially if you are trying to pick electives!

Why I love this?

It will show me all the available classes from different faculties, all in one search.

Why I do not love this?

Just because it is listed does not means I can take it. Either because I do not have the pre-requisites (the required courses needed prior to taking the course) or because I am not in the faculty, among other reasons.

For upper year students

If you are like me and forgot you could actually take non-science 300 and 400 level electives then this is the perfect tool for you as well! I am planning to work part time next term so I prefer to take classes that are online or taught in the mornings. This tool helps me do quick searches and has helped me find numerous electives I could take next year.


Remember though, if you are not sure about which courses you can take or what pre-requisites you need then read the academic calendar or check the program planning worksheets! Make sure you are eligible to take the course and read the course description. The answer to most of your questions will be there 24/7. Even when the university is closed (or you can just e-mail, phone or drop-in to talk to your adviser!).

Thanks for reading! I hope you take advantage of these tools either now or in your upcoming years.

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