Canada West Championships: Stay the Course

The Vikes Track team ventured to Regina, Saskatchewan this past weekend for the annual Canada West Conference Championships.

I want to share with you why these championships are so special. The conference meet is the one meet where your whole team is there, cheering each other on along the sidelines as you whip around the track. It gives everyone an opportunity to lift themselves, knowing they are supported the whole way. 

It is vital to be present. Enjoy every second. The highs and the lows, remembering that no matter the outcome, you have your team with you by your side. 

Arthur Ward Canada West Championships

Photo Credit: Arthur Ward

I am proud to represent this university; my best memories at this school involve running in circles wearing my blue singlet. 

I was feeling nervous this weekend to compete, as I put a massive amount of pressure on myself. I am stubborn with goals, which created a conflict through the term as school stresses piled on and I found myself more and more tired. I want to run fast. I want to win. I have ambitious ‘wants’, but there is a tug-of-war with what is realistic. Life piles on different things that put wedges in the path towards goals. 

Having to take more classes, illnesses floating around the campus, mental health battles, family stresses, all of these things and more can work its way into the pot. 

For me, I stayed stubborn. With a wavering focus throughout the fall and winter term, I kept my support system around to bring me back every day with the eyes set on my goals. 

Friday did not go as planned – we received the silver medal in the 4×800 with everyone not having our best performances. We came up short, and on my end I did not perform well. I shook it off and focused on the next day.

The 600m was on the Saturday, my favourite race. I was very nervous, to be honest. I felt tired, stressed, and not myself. That morning, I went through my usual routine, and wrote my day plan with a few side notes and motivational words. 

Arthur Ward Canada West Championships

Photo Credit: Arthur Ward

We do this tradition within the girls team: secret psych up. Everyone draws names, and you get designated a teammate to provide some anonymous motivation. The note I got from my teammate, Andie (found out that night who it was), brought my focus right back as she reminded me of the hard work I’ve put in, the support behind me, and who I am when I run. It stuck with me through my entire warmup and race preparation. It is all about your team, we stand together and lift each other up. 

I won my race. It hurt like hell. But I fought for myself and for the Vikes. 

Next up: U-Sport National Championships!

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