The ultimate hockey weekend

Vikes TeamThis past weekend, the Vikes Hockey team fought for their chance at playoffs to take 2nd place and home ice advantage against Selkirk College while the men’s and women’s ultimate teams challenged rivals at UBC in the Douglas Bowl.

The Vikes Nation Ambassadors have been working with the hockey team and ultimate teams to help bring more awareness to the athletes and sport, while working to increase the spirit and fandom of the games! This hasn’t been difficult, considering hockey is Canada’s game and because of the large ultimate community in Victoria.

The hockey night event, entitled, THIS IS OUR HOUSE on Friday, February 20, 2015 brought close to 300 students through the doors.

Vikes Hockey player and MascotsAlthough the Vikes didn’t pull a W, it was a wild night full of mayhem, great times and even a few on ice altercations. Our mascot, Thunder, was in full force while the UVic Yellow Guys taunted the opposing players in the penalty box.

Maude Hunter’s Pub sponsored the night and had specials for all those who attended the game. The pub even printed special pucks for all guests with player jersey numbers. If a player scored, the guest with that puck could cash it in! Not only this, but the noise and love that Vikes Nation brought was unforgettable and definitely helped push the team.

The next day, the Vikes Nation Ambassadors hosted the Douglas Bowl, as UVic took on UBC in an event called The Ultimate Rivalry.

Close to 400 guests filled the stands at Centennial Stadium to witness the exciting sport of Ultimate Frisbee.

Vikes frisby catchWith the sun out, popcorn popping, food trucks and the fans ready to make some noise, this event was a riot and so incredibly fun! The guests were loud, patriotic and without a doubt, among the most entertain crowds I’ve witnessed.

The Vikes Nation Ambassadors helped to bring the atmosphere to another level by supplying a ton of giveaways, noisemakers and half-time games for the crowd. The Ultimate Team event hosted their own fantasy pool, which was pretty neat! Although UVic lost at the game, we won as community by setting a record for attendance and showing our school pride.

The Vikes Nation Ambassadors had a busy weekend, but helped to bring out a total of close to 700 students, showcasing school spirit, pride and community. Our campus, our school, our community doesn’t rest and we love to get out, get active and get loud for our Vikes!

Vikes Team

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