The journey to UVic

DylanHi everyone! If you’re reading this that means you’ve found my UVic blog, a collection of short stories and notices of what’s going on around campus and in my classes.

I want to start with an introductory post, giving some background about myself and what brought me to UVic. Future posts are going to focus on providing advice, including the best way to get into the video game industry.

So, without further ado, here’s some background on how I came to UVic. It started with my burning desire to work on video games. I wanted to work as a writer, but knew that was going to be incredibly difficult to break into, especially coming from a small town with no industry connections. Instead, I decided to take the route of teaching myself to program and make my own games. After browsing the job postings, I decided that getting a Computer Science degree would help immensely. I chose UVic because it’s renowned for having one of the best co-op programs in the country, which matched my desire to graduate and get a job right away.

My first semester was interesting because I already knew all the material in my programming and math classes. This gave me plenty of time to meet people and form some friendships early on. Unfortunately, it also left me unprepared for how hard university can be and I had a rude awakening once I started the next semester! Next week I’ll share some tips that I’ve learned the hard way hopefully you can avoid the same mistakes I made!


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