ISOT Botnet Dataset

The ISOT Botnet dataset is the combination of several existing publicly available malicious and non-malicious datasets.

Dataset Description

Click here to download the (2010) ISOT Botnet dataset.

ISOT Ransomware Detection Dataset

The ISOT Ransomware Detection dataset consists of over 420 GB of ransomware and benign programmes execution traces.

The dataset cannot be downloaded directly. Instead you need first to fill an agreement about how the data will be used; the agreement has to be signed by a supervisor. Please send the signed agreement to Dr. Issa Traore <itraore at> along with an SSH public key. The public key will be used to create an account for you on our SFTP server.

Dataset Description

After approving the request, you will receive instructions on how to download the dataset.

ISOT Ransomware Detection Dataset Agreement Template

ISOT HTTP Botnet Dataset

The ISOT HTTP botnet dataset consists of 2 traffic captures: malicious DNS data for 9 different botnets, and benign DNS for 19 different well known software applications.

Dataset Description

Click here to download the ISOT HTTP Botnet dataset