Additional Microsoft 365 applications included with your UVic account:


Microsoft Planner is a task management solution that groups can use to manage their work and associated tasks visually and openly with the rest of the team


Microsoft Forms is an online survey creator that you can use can use to create surveys, quizzes, and polls, and easily see results as they come in.



Microsoft Stream is a secure video service that allows you to share recordings of classes, meetings, presentations, training sessions, and related videos.


Microsoft OneNote is a digital note-taking app that allows multi-user collaboration. It gathers users’ notes, drawings, screen clippings, and audio commentaries. 


Microsoft Whiteboard is a freeform, digital canvas where people, content, and ideas come together. Collaborate in Microsoft Teams on ideas using Whiteboard.


Quickly create, edit, view, present, or share presentations quickly and easily from anywhere.



Quickly create, edit, and view spreadsheets, data analyses, charts, budgets, and more.


Write a letter, create templates, read Word documents, edit docs, and collaborate with your team.



Track information and organize work to stay on top of what matters most to your team.

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