Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner is a simple way to organize teamwork and manage tasks.  With Planner, you can bring teams, tasks, documents, and conversations together in one place. Use Planner to create a project plan, assign tasks to a team of individuals, and update the status of your tasks.

In Planner, each project can be organized visually with a plan board. Using the board, you can organize tasks into buckets, categorize tasks based on their status, and easily drag and drop tasks between columns.


Who can use Planner

Microsoft Planner is available to all faculty, staff, and students.

For more information, see the Planner FAQ below.

How to sign in

If you don’t have a UVic Office 365 account yet, login with your NetLink ID and passphrase to and sign up for Office 365.

Once you have signed up for your UVic Office 365 account, login to with your and passphrase and click Planner.

How to create a plan
How to manage tasks

See Microsoft’s manage tasks in Planner documentation for information on how to add tasks to a plan, create multiple tasks, manage task start and due dates, comment on a task, and add an attachment to a task.

After adding tasks, you can sort them into buckets. See Microsoft’s create buckets documentation for more information.


How to view plan and get updates

Every plan in Planner has a board and charts to track progress. You will also automatically receive email notifications when tasks are assigned to you and when they’re due. See Microsoft’s view plan and get updates in Planner documentation for more information.

How to add people to your plan

See Microsoft’s add people to your plan documentation.

After you have added people to your plan, you can assign them to tasks. See Microsoft’s documentation on assigning people to tasks for more information.

How to use Planner in Microsoft Teams

You can add Planner tabs to a team channel to work on your plan from within Teams and get Planner notifications in Teams. See Microsoft’s documentation on how to use Planner in Microsoft Teams for more information.

Planner FAQ

What is Microsoft Planner?
Microsoft Planner is a task management solution that groups can use to manage their work and associated tasks visually and openly with the rest of the team. With Planner, specific tasks can be itemized in a project and assigned with deadlines to individuals.
How do I get Microsoft Planner?

Login with your UVic NetLink ID to to sign up for a UVic Office 365 account. Access Planner through the Office 365 portal or add it to your Teams account.

I'm a student. Can I use Microsoft Planner?

Yes. Access Planner through the Office 365 portal or add it to your Teams account.

Why should I use Planner instead of another task managing application?

Microsoft Planner is included with your UVic Microsoft 365 account and easily integrates into Microsoft Teams.

Will Microsoft Planner work on mobile devices?

Microsoft Planner is available on mobile web browsers with full functionality across iOS and Android. In addition, there are Microsoft Planner iOS and Android apps you can download.

See Microsoft’s documentation on setting up your mobile apps for Planner.

How do I make my plan public or private?

To change the privacy setting for an existing plan, in the plan, select the ‘‘ to the right of the plan name, and then choose Edit plan. In the Edit plan dialog box, for Make this plan public, choose either No or Yes.

How do I restore a deleted plan?
See Microsoft’s current documentation on closing and restoring plans.
What is the difference between Planner and Tasks by Planner and To Do?

Microsoft Planner is the standalone task management application.

In Microsoft Teams, Planner has been consolodated with To Do to show you all your tasks in one place.