At the Intersection of Art and Sport

Image of the Turtle Cup on the turntable and a scanned version of the cup on the monitor at the 3D scanstation

When you think of sports championships, there is always the goal of winning the big trophy – Grey Cup, Stanley Cup, Rose Bowl, World Cup, and so on. When the National Aboriginal Hockey Championships (NAHC) needed a trophy, they turned to artist Carey Newman to carve one. He created the Turtle Island Trophy. While the trophy is a beautiful artwork in and of itself, it is not the most durable object to hoist overhead on the ice, so the artist and the NAHC approached us to 3D scan the trophy and provide a file to use to create a copy.

A new dimension in art

This fall, our department received a request to collaborate with artist Shawn Shepherd using the 3D scanner. He wanted to learn more about the potential for capturing and potentially duplicating or remixing his dimensional artworks. The texture in the painting consisted of both straight-edge peaks and valleys in the centre, a deep “moat,” and more fluid “stucco” texture around the outer edge. I was skeptical about the capabilities of the scanner. To my delight, we were able to get a fairly good scan in the end.

Archiving in 3D

Have you ever considered the applications of a 3D scanner? As the technology becomes more widely available, 3D scanners are being used for everything from engineering to art. In our case, we’ve been tasked with archiving a portion of the Ian Cowan collection.