When Size Matters

While the majority of the projects we work on can be accommodated on our equipment, some items are decidedly oversized and size does matter. How we approach them depends a little on the object itself but usually it means we need to scan the item in sections and digitally merge the files

At the Intersection of Art and Sport

Image of the Turtle Cup on the turntable and a scanned version of the cup on the monitor at the 3D scanstation

When you think of sports championships, there is always the goal of winning the big trophy – Grey Cup, Stanley Cup, Rose Bowl, World Cup, and so on. When the National Aboriginal Hockey Championships (NAHC) needed a trophy, they turned to artist Carey Newman to carve one. He created the Turtle Island Trophy. While the trophy is a beautiful artwork in and of itself, it is not the most durable object to hoist overhead on the ice, so the artist and the NAHC approached us to 3D scan the trophy and provide a file to use to create a copy.

Archiving in 3D

Have you ever considered the applications of a 3D scanner? As the technology becomes more widely available, 3D scanners are being used for everything from engineering to art. In our case, we’ve been tasked with archiving a portion of the Ian Cowan collection.

Capturing Colour

One of the more challenging parts of image capture can be getting something that looks like a faithful representation of the original. Many things can impact the actual capture and the perception of the finished item including lighting, software settings, and the settings and calibration of the monitor on which the object is viewed. Some of these are more easily controlled than others.