Historic and Active deployment locations


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Masset Inlet

ADCP deployment


Skidegate Inlet

ADCP deployment


ACTIVE Amphitrite Bank WatchMate buoy

Wickaninnish Beach TRIAXYS buoy

Estevan Point

Port Renfrew

Florencia Bay

Sombrio Beach

Shelter Bay

Sooke Bay

Blind Channel

Hope Island

Cleland Island

ACTIVE Trial Island

ACTIVE Yuquot (Triaxys buoy)

Amphitrite Bank

Location: 48°53.455N, 125° 38.128W

Deployment date: May 16, 2023

Estimated water depth: 40m

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Location 1 (approx.): 49°33.69798’N, 126°39.41598’W

Deployment date:   13 September 2023

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Location 2 (approx.): 49°33.2410’N, 126°42.0000’W

Deployment date:   14 September 2023

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