What we do

PRIMED has a track record, established over almost 20 years, of working in the marine renewable energy space on the BC coast. Over this time the groups role has changed from being a small research group focussed purely on the academic problem of quantifying the wave energy resource off the West Coast of Vancouver Island to nowadays acting as an intermediary between communities and technology developers. We aim to be the connective tissue between BC’s remote coastal communities and technology developers by providing expertise and guidance in the following areas:

Community Engagement

We like to think of ourselves as being the connective tissue between technology developers and BC’s coastal communities. Using prior experience, and working with our project partners, PRIMED has an established record of accomplishment working with coastal communities in BC to enable the development marine renewable energy projects.

Resource Assessment

Using a combination of field measurements and computational models PRIMED is able to carry out detailed resource assessments and make the data accessible to communities and technology developers. This data helps to provide certainty about the available energy resource and can thereby empower communities and developers to make informed decisions.

Technology performance modelling

PRIMED can work with technology developers in a 2nd Party assessor role. As a University research group, we are able to provide unbiased technology performance assessments.

Grid Integration

Using specialised software tools, and our in house expertise, PRIMED can help communities and developers navigate the complexities of integrating renewable generation sources into their existing grids.