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Old Books for a New World

By Hélène Cazes

ISBN 9781550584936 (paperback), 9781550584943 (PDF)
39 pages
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This essay explores the bibliographic history of the Seghers Collection, its spiritual and religious significance within the Catholic tradition and its original owner, Charles Jean Seghers, a Belgian clergyman, missionary, and the second Archbishop of Victoria.

Subjects: Charles John Seghers, Catholic Church-British Columbia, devotional literature, early printed books, private libriese

Hélène Cazes

THE SEGHERS COLLECTION: Old Books for a New World

PREFACE | A Message from Bishop Remi De Roo
PROLOGUE | A Message from Jonathan Bengtson, University Librarian, UVic Libraries

INTRODUCTION:| A brief History of the Seghers Collection | Chris Petter
THE SEGHERS COLLECTION: Old Books for a New World
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