Textbook Adoptions @UVic

Textbook Adoptions @UVic

From 2017 –

ASTR 102 - Exploring the Cosmos

Instructors adopted Astronomy textbook available through OpenStax. it is written in clear non-technical language, with the occasional touch of humor and a wide range of clarifying illustrations. It has many analogies drawn from everyday life to help non-science majors appreciate, on their own terms, what our modern exploration of the universe is revealing

Download the textbook: https://cnx.org/contents/LnN76Opl@22.11:0eAa35Fu


ASTR 102 - Exploring the Cosmos

Instructors adopted Astronomy textbook available through OpenStax. it is written in clear non-technical language, with the occasional touch of humor and a wide range of clarifying illustrations. It has many analogies drawn from everyday life to help non-science majors appreciate, on their own terms, what our modern exploration of the universe is revealing

Download the textbook: https://cnx.org/contents/LnN76Opl@22.11:0eAa35Fu


BIOL 150A - Modern Biology
The textbook title,
Biology 2e.

Instructors adopted Biology 2nd edition, available through OpenStax, in Fall 2023. Biology 2e is designed to cover the scope and sequence requirements of a typical two-semester biology course for science majors. The text provides comprehensive coverage of foundational research and core biology concepts through an evolutionary lens. Biology includes rich features that engage students in scientific inquiry, highlight careers in the biological sciences, and offer everyday applications. The book also includes various types of practice and homework questions that help students understand—and apply—key concepts.

Download the Biology 2e. textbook.

CD 522 - Understanding and Mainstreaming Gender (fall 2020)
CHEM 213 - Practical Spectroscopy

Did not have a required course textbook.

CHEM 335 - Synthetic Methods in Organic Chemistry
Adopted an ebook available through UVic Libraries

The Art of Writing Reasonable Organic Reaction Mechanisms by Robert B. Grossman

CHEM 453 - Structure, Reactivity and Bonding
Used portions of an ebook available through UVic Libraries

COM 400 - Strategic Management

Mastering Strategic Management textbook coverMastering Strategic Management – 1st Canadian Edition

Mastering Strategic Management is designed to enhance student engagement in three innovative ways. The first is through visual adaptations of the key content in the book. It is well documented that many of today’s students are visual learners. To meet students’ wants and needs.

Available at: https://opentextbc.ca/strategicmanagement/

CSC 100 - Elementary Computing

Computer Science (CSC) 100, is an introduction to computing to non-CS major students. We use computers today to communicate with our friends, listen to music, share images with our family, shop online, play games, watch movies, analyze and visualize large amount of data, design automobiles and aircrafts, maintain medical records, automate industrial process, search huge volume of information, identify our location in a map, etc. In the coming decade, we could use computers to analyze our genetics and synthesize new drugs, to assist doctors to identify unknown diseases, to assist us intelligently driving our cars. The potential for computer applications in the near future is limited only by our imagination. Our next generation should learn how to use computers more effectively as a tool than merely using it for entertainment.

Dr. Cheung adopted a number of open education resources for CSC 100 in 2019: https://webhome.csc.uvic.ca/~mcheng/100/fall.2019/index.html

CYC 423 - Research Methods in Child and Youth Care

The Research Methods Knowledge Base is a comprehensive web-based textbook that addresses all of the topics in a typical introductory undergraduate or graduate course in social research methods. It covers the entire research process including: formulating research questions; sampling (probability and nonprobability); measurement (surveys, scaling, qualitative, unobtrusive); research design (experimental and quasi-experimental); data analysis; and, writing the research paper. It also addresses the major theoretical and philosophical underpinnings of research including: the idea of validity in research; reliability of measures; and ethics. The Knowledge Base was designed to be different from the many typical commercially-available research methods texts. It uses an informal, conversational style to engage both the newcomer and the more experienced student of research. It is a fully hyperlinked text that can be integrated easily into an existing course structure or used as a sourcebook for the experienced researcher who simply wants to browse.

Available at: http://socialresearchmethods.net/kb/index.php

ECON 103 - Introduction to Principles of Microeconomics

textbook cover image This book is an adaptation of Principles of Microeconomics originally published by OpenStax. This adapted version has been reorganized into eight topics and expanded to include over 200 multiple choice questions, examples, eight case studies including questions and solutions, and over 200 editable figures.

Available at: http://solr.bccampus.ca:8001/bcc/items/d4468c30-938d-4ba9-acd8-e73cebbec739/1/?attachment.uuid=4f57ccb6-b646-407c-929f-8e190c72e172

Economics - Open Textbooks & Teaching Materials by Peter Kennedy

Dr. Kennedy has created a number of open access teaching materials for his economics classes at the university. Go to Dr. Kennedy’s personal website to locate them: http://kennedy-economics.ca/

EDCI 335-339 - Creative or Design Project

Course Instructors use – links and open education resources and texts

EDCI 336 - Technology Innovation in Education

Cover image for Teaching in a Digital Age Teaching in a Digital Age

The book examines the underlying principles that guide effective teaching in an age when all of us, and in particular the students we are teaching, are using technology. A framework for making decisions about your teaching is provided, while understanding that every subject is different, and every instructor has something unique and special to bring to their teaching.The book enables teachers and instructors to help students develop the knowledge and skills they will need in a digital age: not so much the IT skills, but the thinking and attitudes to learning that will bring them success.

Available at: https://opentextbc.ca/teachinginadigitalage/

EDCI 565-569 - Research and Practice of Learning Design

Course instructors use links and open education resources and textbooks.

EOS 120 A01 – The Dynamic Earth

Source: BC Campus

Adopted by: Duncan Johannessen, Senior Lab Coordinator and Lucinda Leonard 1st year courses in Fall 2016, Fall 2017 and Spring 2018.

Authored by Steven Earle, Thompson Rivers University. Physical Geology is a comprehensive introductory text on the physical aspects of geology, including rocks and minerals, plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes, glaciation, groundwater, streams, coasts, mass wasting, climate change, planetary geology and much more. It has a strong emphasis on examples from western Canada, especially British Columbia, and also includes a chapter devoted to the geological history of western Canada. The book is a collaboration of faculty from Earth Science departments at Universities and Colleges across British Columbia and elsewhere. Download the textbook

EOS 340 - Atmospheric Sciences
Cover for Richard Stull book - Practical Meteorology Adopted by Dr. Adam Monahan Authored by Richard Stull, University of British Columbia Practical Meteorology: An Algebra-based Survey of Atmospheric Science” -version 1.02b.  Univ. of British Columbia.  940 pages.  isbn 978-0-88865-283-6. Get a free pdf copy of the whole book here (82 MB), or free pdfs of individual chapters below.  To purchase a printed copy, click here to see options.
EOS 350 - Understanding the Oceans (A01)
Adopted by Dave Riddell

Introduction to Ocean Sciences by Douglas A. Segar

The 4th edition of Introduction to Ocean Sciences is an open source textbook that is free for anyone to download, read and print for personal use only (Donations are welcome – scroll down to find how). Currently the textbook is available only as a pdf file that can be read and printed using any Adobe or other pdf software viewer.

Download the textbook http://www.reefimages.com/oceansci.php

EPHE 155 & EPHE 455 - Nutrition

Cover image for Anatomy and PhysiologyAnatomy and Physiology

Human Anatomy and Physiology is designed for the two-semester anatomy and physiology course taken by life science and allied health students. The textbook follows the scope and sequence of most Human Anatomy and Physiology courses, and its coverage and organization were informed by hundreds of instructors who teach the course.

Available at: https://opentextbc.ca/anatomyandphysiology/

History 230A: Canada to Confederation

Source: BC Campus


Adopted by Dr. Norm Fennema Canadian History – Pre-Confederation by John Douglas Belshaw, Thompson Rivers University Canadian History: Pre-Confederation is a survey text that introduces undergraduate students to important themes in North American history to 1867. It provides room for Aboriginal and European agendas and narratives, explores the connections between the territory that coalesces into the shape of modern Canada and the larger continent and world in which it operates, and engages with emergent issues in the field. Download the textbook

NURS 522: Nursing Ethics for Health System Transformation

A beautiful illustration of a landscape, with a lake at the bottom of the cover moving into a forest of tress, then to mountains, and to the sky. A sailboat floats in the water. Soft watercolours of purple, green red and blue make up the image. The title of the book, edition, and authors make up the text on the cover.


Adopted by Dr. Rosalie Starzomski: Toward a Moral Horizon: Nursing Ethics for Leadership and Practice, Third Edition by Rosalie Starzomski, Janet L. Storch, and Patricia Rodney. This third edition of Toward a Moral Horizon: Nursing Ethics for Leadership and Practice will assist nurses and all health care providers to take up the challenge of embedding ethics in health care practice, education, research, and policy at all levels—from local to regional to global. This is an Open textbook available through UVicSpace, the University of Victoria’s Institutional Repository.

PHYS 120 and 130: Physics I and II

University Physics cover imageAdopted by Dr. Geoffrey Steeves for 2021/22 academic year.  University Physics volumes 1-3 by
William Moebs, Formerly of Loyola Marymount University; Samuel J. Ling, Truman State University and Jeff Sanny, Loyola Marymount University

Download the textbook:
Volume 1: https://openstax.org/books/university-physics-volume-1/pages/1-introduction
Volume 2: https://openstax.org/books/university-physics-volume-2/pages/1-introduction
Volume 3: https://openstax.org/books/university-physics-volume-3/pages/1-introduction

POLI 321 - Introduction to Research Methods in Politics

GlobalWomensIssuestextbookcoverAdopted for POLI 321. The textbook is produced by the Bureau of International Information Programs, Department of State, US

Download the textbook: https://opentextbc.ca/womenintheworld/

PSYC 201 - Research Methods in Psychology

Research-Methods in Psychology Adopted by Dr. Stephen Lindsay

Research Methods in Psychology – 2nd Canadian Edition by Dr. Rajiv S. Jhangiani (Kwantlen), Dr. I-Chant A. Chiang (Quest University), Dr. Paul C. Price (California State University, Fresno) Psychology, like most other sciences, has its own set of tools to investigate the important research questions of its field. Unlike other sciences, psychology is a relatively new field with methods and practices that are evolving at a rapid rate. With this textbook, we introduce students to the fundamental principles of what it is like to think like a psychology researcher. We also hope to connect with the Canadian audience to show them the fantastic research being generated in Canada as well as provide them with an accurate picture of the Canadian context for ethical human research. This textbook is an adaptation of one written by Paul C. Price (California State University, Fresno).

Download the textbook: https://open.bccampus.ca/find-open-textbooks/?uuid=b58ffd04-ca71-4365-95e1-916f2105bd55&contributor=&keyword=&subject=Psychology

PSYC 231 - Introduction to Social Psychology

Adopted by Jim Gibson

Principles of Social Psychology – 1st International Edition Authored by Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani, (Kwantlen Polytecnic), Dr. Hammon Tarry (Capilano), Dr. Charles Stangor (U Maryland) This textbook provides students with an introduction to the basic concepts and principles of social psychology from an interactionist perspective. The presentation of classic studies and theories are balanced with insights from cutting-edge, contemporary research. An emphasis on real world examples and applications is intended to guide students to critically analyze their situations and social interactions in order to put their knowledge to effective use.

Download the textbook: https://open.bccampus.ca/find-open-textbooks/?uuid=d0a98b76-9907-41d8-88a3-52e94c003939&contributor=&keyword=&subject=Psychology

PSYC 260 - Introduction to Mental Health and Well-Being

Adopted by Elliot Lee (PhD Candidate) in July 2017

Mental Health and Well-Being from the NOBA Project: http://nobaproject.com/textbooks/elliott-lee-new-textbook


PSYC 391 (A03) - Special Topic


Adopted by Elliot Lee (PhD Candidate) in Winter 2018

This is a special topic course. Used several chapters from the NOBA Project:because he can select the readings/chapters he wants to use for the course:nobaproject.com

PSYC 400a/532 - General Linear Model

Cover imageR for Data Science and Learning Statistics with R

This book will teach you how to do data science with R: You’ll learn how to get your data into R, get it into the most useful structure, transform it, visualise it and model it. In this book, you will find a practicum of skills for data science. Just as a chemist learns how to clean test tubes and stock a lab, you’ll learn how to clean data and draw plots—and many other things besides. These are the skills that allow data science to happen, and here you will find the best practices for doing each of these things with R. You’ll learn how to use the grammar of graphics, literate programming, and reproducible research to save time. You’ll also learn how to manage cognitive resources to facilitate discoveries when wrangling, visualising, and exploring data.

Available at: https://r4ds.had.co.nz and http://www.fon.hum.uva.nl/paul/lot2015/Navarro2014.pdf

TECJ 410 - Introduction to Project Management

textbook cover image This book covers the basics of project management. This includes the process of initiation, planning, execution, control and close out that all projects share. This book has been adapted by the author as of August 15, 2014. The adaptation includes Canadianized content, PowerPoints, Audio Files, and Chapter Questions, which are located in the book’s appendixes.

Available at: https://open.bccampus.ca/browse-our-collection/find-open-textbooks/?uuid=8678fbae-6724-454c-a796-3c6667d826be

TS 300: Networking, New Media and Social Practices
socialmediareader2012 Adopted by Dr. Janni Aragon

The Social Media Reader (2012) authored by Michael Mandiberg. With the rise of web 2.0 and social media platforms taking over vast tracts of territory on the internet, the media landscape has shifted drastically in the past 20 years, transforming previously stable relationships between media creators and consumers. The Social Media Reader is the first collection to address the collective transformation with pieces on social media, peer production, copyright politics, and other aspects of contemporary internet culture from all the major thinkers in the field.

Download the textbook: http://klangable.com/uploads/books/Mandiberg-theSocialMediaReader-cc-by-sa-nc.pdf

List of open textbooks available for adoption

Other sources for open education resources: https://onlineacademiccommunity.uvic.ca/openedresources/start/adopt-a-textbook/find/textbooks/

  • Anatomy and Physiology by J. Gordon Betts, Tyler Junior College, Peter DeSaix, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Eddie Johnson, Central Oregon Community College, Jody E. Johnson, Arapahoe Community College, Oksana Korol, Aims Community College, Dean H. Kruse, Portland Community College, Brandon Poe, Springfield Technical Community College, James A. Wise, Hampton University, Kelly A. Young, California State University, Long Beach
  • Biology – 2nd Ed. by Mary Ann Clark, Texas Wesleyan University, Jung Choi, Georgia Institute of Technology, Matthew Douglas, Grand Rapids Community College
  • Concepts of Biology-1st Canadian Edition by Charles Molnar, Jane Gair, Samantha Fowler, Rebecca Roush, James Wise, Yael Avissar, Jung Choi, Jean DeSaix, Vladimir Jurukovski, Robert Wise, Connie Rye, OpenStax College
  • Environmental Biology by Matthew R. Fisher, Editor, Open Oregon
  • Forest Measurements: An Applied Approach by Joan DeYoung, Mt. Hood Community College, OpenOregon
  • Microbiology by Peggy O’Sullivan
Computer Science
Database Design-2nd Edition by Adrienne Watt, Douglas College, Nelson Eng, Douglas College
Gender Studies
  • Canadian History – Pre-Confederation by John Douglas Belshaw, Thompson Rivers University
  • Canadian History – Post-Confederation by John Douglas Belshaw, Thompson Rivers University
  • US History by P. Scott Corbett, PhD – Ventura College, Volker Janssen, PhD – California State University-Fullerton, John M. Lund, PhD – Keene State College, Todd Pfannestiel, PhD – Clarion University, Paul Vickery, PhD – Oral Roberts University, Sylvie Waskiewicz, PhD – Lead Editor
  • College Physics by Dr. Paul Peter Urone, California State University Sacramento, Dr. Roger Hinrichs, State University of New York, College at Oswego, Dr. Kim Dirks, University of Auckland, New Zealand, Dr. Manjula Sharma, University of Sydney, Australia
  • Calculus-Based Physics I and Calculus-Based Physics II by Dr. Jeffrey W. Schnick
  • University Physics Vol 1, Vol 2. and Vol 3 by Samuel J. Ling, Truman State University, Jeff Sanny, Loyola Marymount University, William Moebs (retired), Loyola Marymount University
Political Science
  • Introduction to Psychology, Ist Canadian Edition by Jennifer Walinga, Royal Roads University, Charles Stangor, University of Maryland
  • Research Methods in Psychology, 2nd Canadian Edition by Dr. Rajiv S. Jhangiani, Dr. I-Chant A. Chiang, Dr. Paul C. Price
  • Principles of Social Psychology, 1st International Editorion by Dr. Rajiv S. Jhangiani, Dr. Hammond Terry, Dr. Charles Stangor
  • Noba is a free online platform that provides high-quality, flexibly structured textbooks and educational materials. These textbooks and materials are licensed under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 International License. Users may reuse, redistribute, and remix the content to suit their needs. The goals of Noba are three-fold – http://nobaproject.com/
    • To reduce financial burden on students by providing access to free educational content
    • To provide instructors with a platform to customize educational content to better suit their curriculum
    • To present free, high-quality material written by a collection of experts and authorities in the field of psychology” – funded by The Diener Education Fund2

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