Review and Evaluate

Step 2: Review and Evaluate

See if textbook/resource matches your criteria and based on content, presentation, online accessibility, production options, platform compatibility, delivery options, interactivity, consistency between online and printed versions, and available ancillary material (test banks, PowerPoints, etc.)

Definition of Open Education Resource Repository


An online storage system that allows educators to share, manage and use education resources. The repository contains a collection of learning items that support instruction. These items include:

  • open textbooks
  • lesson plans
  • quizzes
  • videos, animations, handouts
  • interactive activities and tools
  • powerpoint presentations

Read Reviews

BCcampus will pay faculty members $250 to review an open textbook in its collection. Some of the books in the BC Open Textbook Collection have been openly peer reviewed. You can read these reviews when you search for different books in the collection. If a book hasn’t been reviewed, consider submitting a review request.  The reviews are comprehensive. See sample below.

Source: BCcampus Open Textbook - Review of College Physics

Source: BCcampus Open Textbook – Review of College Physics

The following rubric provides a process for evaluating open education resource repositories (OERR) in the following areas:

  • Authority
  • Audience
  • Access & diversity
  • User-friendliness
  • Subject coverage
  • Search functionality & browsing
  • Media type
  • Licensing & Permissions

(developed by the BCOER Librarians Group)

Inba Kehoe
Head, Scholarly Communication &          Copyright Officer

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