Health Promotion Practitioners

The Multi-Process Action Control Framework


The M-PAC framework provides a practical approach to help people make changes in health behaviours.



The M-PAC framework consists of three layered processes including:


Decide: Make the decision to change a behaviour. This layer is about our basic thoughts about the behaviour we want to change. They represent the foundations of motivated action.

Endeavour: Take charge of the behaviour by starting to incorporate it. This is the layer where you set goals, manage challenges and set yourself up for success.

Sustain: Make the behaviour part of your life and regular routine. This layer is about maintaining the behaviour and making it a part of who you are.


What makes M-PAC unique?


An approach to address the intention-behaviour gap…

We may have positive intentions for physical activity, but we often fail to enact those intentions.

M-PAC is one of the most frequently applied models to explain intention-behaviour discordance in the physical activity domain. This approach suggests that an intention may be formed, but successful translation of the intention into physical activity behaviour requires additional intervention. By combining several approaches, the M-PAC model provides a novel way to address physical activity promotion. For this reason, interventions may benefit from keeping the tenets of M-PAC in mind. Addressing these constructs specifically could prove useful in physical activity promotion.

Please visit the resource section to gain evidence-based resources, strategies, techniques, and potential ideas for physical activity promotion or intervention based on the M-PAC approach.