The Multi-Process Action Control Approach

The Multi-Process Action Control Framework


The multi-process action control framework (M-PAC) was created as a practical approach to physical activity behaviour promotion based on theoretical and empirical evidence from several decades of related research.

General Brief Description of the M-PAC Framework


M-PAC is a unique behaviour change model in that it is a layered approach that incorporates intention formation and translation, adoption and maintenance and dual processes of motivation.

M-PAC is comprised of three layers of processing that work together to enable behaviour change:

The foundational Decide layer is grounded in reflective processes where a person is motivated by consciously deliberated and expected consequences of performing the behaviour.

The Endeavour layer is grounded in regulatory processes where the behaviour is managed through tactics to translate intentions into behaviour.

The Sustain layer represents the pinnacle of behaviour change and is grounded in reflexive process where the behaviour is maintained through learned associations and triggered through particular circumstances and stimuli over time.

Taken together, M-PAC suggests that a pattern of physical activity is the product of reflective, regulatory, and reflexive processes that have facilitated an initial intention into successful on-going behaviour.