Funded PhD / MSc in Advanced Electron Microscopy


Electron microscopy is vital for many of todays advanced technologies and for the advancement our understanding of the nano- and micro-world, from biological systems to advanced materials and for the semiconductor devices that are vital to our communication and computational systems. However, there are many advances that can be made to electron microscopes to democratize the advanced nanoscale information they yield, while improving their sensitivity, versatility and capabilities.

Within the electron microscopy research group in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Victoria, Canada, an opportunity has arisen to pursue exciting research in electron microscopy at the forefront of this vital field. The research will explore new methods to resolve elemental information at the nanoscale using high-speed diffractive detection techniques.

Candidates for these funded PhD or MSc research studentships should have a keen interest to expand their knowledge of electron beam – sample interactions from a fundamental level and be keen and able to develop software and techniques to process the large amounts of data produced from these high-efficiency detectors. Backgrounds in physics or engineering / materials physics, covering at least the essentials of electrodynamics and quantum mechanics, are required. Additional understanding and interests in electronic systems, control systems and image processing would be an advantage to success.

Advanced studies and research in these topics will lead towards exciting and rewarding careers in nanotechnology, physics, and potentially computational fields, for candidates who are willing to take the initiative on the research and contribute their ideas and efforts in these partly industrially sponsored research studentships.

Applications will be accepted till the position is filled, though this is envisaged to be by the end of May 2024. Entry to UVic is still possible within 2024, either at the standard Sept 2024 intake or later in the year as best suits the candidate. Please directly send CVs, transcripts and cover letters for initial consideration.


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