Arthur Blackburn, Principal Investigator

Arthur is the Hitachi High-Tech Canada Research Chair, Co-Director of the Advanced Microscopy Facility and Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Victoria. Prior to joining the University of Victoria, he was a Senior Research Scientist in the Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory, embedded with the University of Cambridge, Cavendish Laboratory, where he progressed to this role after completing his PhD within the University of Cambridge, Department of Physics.

He moved to the University of Victoria in 2015 as a research scientist, to expand his research and its reach, and strengthen the collaboration and involvement of Hitachi High-Tech (HHT) with research at the University of Victoria. This involvement is allowing the most to be gained from one of HHT’s most advanced electron microscopes which is housed at UVic and allows fundamental research to be done to advance the field. This is performed within a strong and open collaborative environment at the University. HHT in Canada recognized the strong value to both their long-term commitment to advanced electron microscopy and their near-term development plans given by this collaboration, through generously supporting a research chair for Dr. Blackburn at the University.

Cristina Cordoba, Post Doctoral Fellow

Cristina joined the group in September 2020 after receiving a PhD from Simon Fraser University, where she studied compound semiconducting nanowires using electron holography, amongst other techniques. This ignited her interest and desire to expand the frontiers of electron microscopy through developing applications and methodology to advance new high-speed scanning electron diffraction, or 4D-scanning transmission electron microscopy (4D-STEM), techniques.

Matthew Fitzpatrick, Post Doctoral Fellow

 Matthew joined the group in October 2021 after working as a Mitacs Post Doctoral Researcher at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in partnership with D-Wave, following receiving his PhD from SFU in 2019. He brings to the group detailed theoretical knowledge of some of the systems we are now studying using electron microscopy, and strong expertise in programming, modelling and analysis that is being applied to the vast experimental datasets that are produced from our 4D-STEM experiments.

Michael Watson

Michael Watson, Co-Supervised PhD Student

Under co-supervision with Prof Brolo (Chemistry), Michael investigates the novel surface treated noble metal based catalyst systems, using electron microscopy to make detailed surfaces studies of the produced nanoparticles. 

Zekun Fang, MSc Student

Zekun joined the group in 2022, and and is embarking on research related to exploring and utilizing non-linearity in low electron-dose degradation of sample structures using high-speed pixelated detectors.

Past Students


Adriaan Frencken

Studied and developed novel lanthanide based nanoparticles and characterized these particles using advanced electron microscopy techniques, under co-supervision with Prof. Frank Van Veggel. 


Saba Yasaei

Studied and developed novel characterization methods for surface oxide layers, using electron energy loss spectroscopy. This was applied to characterization of niobium materials, with applications in quantum computing and particle accelerators.

Undergraduate Students

Reece Boulanger

Reece worked with us as an undergraduate Co-op student from Sept – Dec 2022 to develop hardware and software for experiments on the electron microscope. His main project was to develop a control system for our 360 electron tomography holder. He is also kindly volunteered some of his time to help us in the final stages of implementing this system in 2023 while he completed his undergraduate studies in ECE at UVic

Ryland MacMahon

Completed an NSERC USRA pursuing the optimization of micron-scale geometry for electro-static elements to produce electron vortex beams  in the electron microscope. He also completed an honours project developing algorithms and software to allow the optimal setup of multiple bi-prism systems for electron holography.

Noah Gorgichuk

Carried out an honours project looking at the modelling and mapping of vortex-beam excited plasmon modes of nanoparticles  in the electron microscope.

Daniel Hedji

Co-supervized with Tobias Junginger, Daniel performed detailed EDX and SIMS analysis of niobium samples with a view towards correlating superconducting state behaviour with surface properties.

Aniruddh Sawant

Prototyped an Arduino based system for controlling our electron tomography holder permitting the system to be controlled through a Python based interface over a remote ethernet connection.

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