The research group makes strong use of electron microscopes within the Advanced Microscopy Facility (AMF), which houses the Hitachi HF3300V S/TEM. This 60 – 300 kV electron microscope features: aberration corrected probe and imaging optics, easily allowing sub-Å resolution in both scanning and transmission modes; an illumination side bi-prism and 3 image side bi-prisms; energy filtered imaging and electron energy loss spectroscopy; energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy; and is fitted with a Merlin (Medipix3) high speed pixelated direct-electron detector. In addition we use a Hitachi SU9000 SEM/STEM, also housed in the AMF, which is fitted with a pixelated direct electron detector from Dectris. This microscope has been generously provided to UVic by Hitachi High-Tech Canada to support and expand the work of the research group.

Facilities within the Centre for Advanced Materials and Related Technologies (CAMTEC) are used for the research. CAMTEC also helps enable collaborative research that apples techniques and expertise developed by the research group to advanced materials characterization challenges throughout the University.

Last, but not least, we use computing facilities from the Digital Research Alliance of Canada, which are vital for processing and working on our vast datasets.