Electron microscopy provides atomic resolution information on materials and systems. It gives essential insights for driving innovation and understanding of sciences and technologies that help address the challenges faced by society. Advancing electron microscopy (EM) understanding, instrumentation and techniques accelerates solutions to these challenges.

The Electron Microscopy Group at the University of Victoria seeks to advance the sensitivity, throughput and fidelity of information gained upon the chemical composition, bonding, electromagnetic state and three-dimensional structure of articles and material samples in static and dynamic environments. The research is performed using state-of-the-art aberration corrected electron microscopy, high-speed detectors, innovative in-beam elements and new, rapid parallel data processing algorithms. These developments rely upon advancements in the modelling and understanding of electron scattering phenomena which arise from the work performed in the group. Our overall goal is to shape the advancement of this field to make it accessible to the widest possible base of users and applications.