3D Design & Print

Are you a UVic student or Staff member and want to learn more about designing object digitally and printing it on our 3D printers? If so, then this hands-on workshop will give you an introduction to 3D Design using TinkerCad and how to choose the best settings for a printing project. Once you’ve completed this session you’ll be adding shapes and text to the TinkerCad workspace, resize and rotate objects using object sliders, extrude objects, or make holes in them, bevel or round object edges, combine objects together into one object, and duplicate objects, including repeating patterns.

By the end of the workshop you will be able to create dice, make a personalized key chain, create a chess pawn, or make a basic model of your choice, and export that model into the STL format for 3D printing. And then, you’ll be ready to print a model you’ve created, or that you have downloaded from the web.

Find our current list of scheduled workshops on our Workshops page. View the workshop lesson plan here: 3D Design & Print.