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Lisa Goddard

Lisa Goddard

Associate University Librarian, Digital Scholarship & Strategy

John Durno

John Durno

Librarian, Head of Library Systems

Library IT operations, digital archaeology, project management
Dr. J. Matthew Huculak

Dr. J. Matthew Huculak

Digital Scholarship Librarian

Faculty & student engagement, digital tool training, research help, community outreach, digital exhibits:
Shahira Khair

Shahira Khair

Data Curation Librarian

Research data management services, data curation and analysis tools, research support:

Consulting, Workshops, & Tools


Rich McCue

Rich McCue

DSC Manager & Hacker-in-Chief

Workshop development, digital tools instruction, DSC coordination and collaboration:

Dani K. Johnson

Dani K. Johnson


General DSC inquiries, 3D design/print help, Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign help, etc:

Current Grad Assistants and Interns
Photo of Cameron wearing a short sleeved shirt with suspenders, standing on a bridge over a river, with trees in the background

Cameron Chevrier

Cameron is our Young Canada works intern. Cameron is a recent graduate of the University of Ottawa, who graduated with an Honours Bachelor in International Development & Globalization, and a minor in Women’s Studies (Summa Cum Laude). Cameron has also worked as a TA in UVic’s Sociology Department and is a mentor for the Gender Generations Project Society. Cameron also has a strong technical background in 3D printing, basic electronics, and a wide range of data analysis software.

2023 Young Canada Works Intern

Audrey Tung<br />

 Audrey Tung

Audrey is our new Qualitative Analysis GA. Audrey is working on her PhD in Geography. For her MA, she critically examined responses to household food insecurity using a combination of qualitative methods. Audrey is also working as a Research Associate, for the Solutions to Homelessness and Health in Older Women (SHHOW) project. Her PhD research focuses on older women who have experienced intimate partner violence and homelessness or housing insecurity. Some of her other research interests include: homelessness; housing insecurity; food insecurity; arts-based research; ethics of care.

2023 Graduate Assistant (Qualitative Analysis)

Chloe Farr

Chloë Farr

Chloe is our Quantitative Analysis, Programming, & Electronics GA. Chloe is a linguistics graduate student focusing on computer and mobile-assisted language learning and is currently writing her thesis which addresses large language models’ place in additional language learning. Some of her other research interests include Human-technology interactions and technology-mediated communication; Humane technology; and Indigenous language revitalization.

2023 Graduate Assistant (Computer Programming and Electronics)


Brittany Johnson

Brittany Johnson

Brittany was our Young Canada Works intern, Summer assistant intern and is our current Curriculum Grad Assistant. 

Brittany at the time was an Education undergraduate student with experience in developing multimedia and online learning objects. She helped us enrich our digital fluency workshop activities with multimedia objects like animated GIFs and videos to make it easier for workshop participants to follow. She also assisted with a  literature review on informal credentialing in academic libraries.

Brittany helped migrate all our workshop curriculum from Google Docs to the Github platform in order to facilitate the sharing of learning objects not only on campus, but across the world as well. She also helped create BrightSpace courses and sharable learning modules for the DSC workshops most requested by instructors. 

Visit Brittany’s blog for more info about her. 

2020 YCW Intern, 2021 YCW Summer, 2023 Curriculum Graduate Assistant


Victoria Hartman

Victoria was one of our DSC Interns. She is a UVic Biomedical Engineering graduate. Victoria has experience with BioPrinting (using Biomedical Engineering’s specialized Bio 3D printers), as well as 3D design and printing, microcontrollers, and scientific research tools. Her hobbies include playing fiddle & guitar, board games, and baking. Victoria’s diverse skill set, and willingness to learn new tools and teaching techniques make her an excellent fit for the DSC. She worked with the DSC team helping manage 3D print jobs, assisting in decolonizing our curriculum, and teaching workshops from 

2022-2023 Intern

Oscar Morrison

Oscar was our summer DSC intern. Oscar at the time was a 4th year software engineering student, and a member of the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Club (AUVIC) which competes in the Robonation’s International Robosub competition. He was also the AUVIC Project Manager and part of the software team. Oscar managed most of the 3D print jobs over the summer, and worked to update the code of our DSC 3D Printing web application to support our upcoming laser cutter service. He also worked on procedures for staff use of the laser cutter.

2022 Summer Intern

Nathaniel Loman headshot

Nathaniel Loman

Nathanial was one of our Young Canada Works interns. Nathaniel at the time of working for the DSC, completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science with a minor in Physics here at UVic. He has also studied Mandarin and won third place in the 2016 BC Chinese Bridge Mandarin Singing Contest. Nathaniel has taught himself various Computer-Aided Design programs and Blender to design and 3D print his art projects. He is also an aspiring game developer and has experience with designing interactive software in GameMaker Studio 2. Nathaniel taught a number of DSC workshops and developed new activities and workshops for the DSC during his time with us.

2021 Young Canada Works Intern

Felipe Gomez<br />

Felipe Gomez

Felipe was our Geospatial Graduate Assistant. At the time of working for the DSC, he was a Geography PhD candidate. Felipe’s research focused on coastal landscapes and retreat and specifically the drivers behind coastal erosive processes in a national park in the Colombian Caribbean.
Felipe has been a TA for most UVic Geography geospatial courses.
Besides conducting Intro2QGIS, Intro2ArcGIS_Online workshops (& others. 

2021 Graduate Assistant (Geospatial)

Arjun Banik

Arjun was our Quantitative Analysis GA. Arjun is working on his Ph.D. in Statistics and is working on his dissertation where he is statistically analyzing huge amounts of oceanographic data to help policymakers make better decisions on how to effectively conserve and promote fish stocks.

2023 Graduate Assistant (Quantitative Analysis)


 Kenzie Wong

Kenzie was our Young Canada Works intern. He graduated from UVic with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Education. He is also an avid gamer but likes to stay active by rock climbing and biking to work. Kenzie is in the process of getting his skydiving licence, hoping to eventually skydive in a wingsuit. 

Some of Kenzie’s work included working on the DSC web application that allows library patrons to submit and pay for their 3D print jobs online.  Kenzie also helped create an introduction to programming workshop for non-computer science students using HTML, CSS, and Javascript to learn the fundamentals of programming and give them skills they could potentially use in class-based projects.

 Kenzie did a wonderful job completing the DSC’s new web-based 3D Print web application so the UVic community can submit and pay for their 3D Print jobs online. This replaces our jokingly titled, “DSC fitness plan for 3D printers,” which required people submitting 3D print jobs to make three trips up to the 3rd floor of the library, and then 3 trips down in order to pay for and pick up their print jobs. Most recently, Kenzie worked with language education coordinators from the Esquimalt and W̱SÁNEĆ first nations to design and print 3D letters for their respective K-12 language initiatives. Kenzie not only designed fridge magnet letters, but also blocks with letters embossed in them, as well as letter-shaped cookie cutters. 

2020 Young Canada Works Intern

Sharon Dias

Sharon was our Qualitative Analysis Graduate Assistant, who at the time was working on a Ph.D. in Geography and does human geography and community-based research in urban areas in the Global South. Sharon’s background combines teaching experience, developing learning strategies for different groups, and conducting in-depth qualitative research.  Sharon helped by teaching workshops for NVivo and Taguette, as well as general qualitative coding skills for researchers with smaller projects.

2020 Graduate Assistant (Qualitative Analysis)

Ziwei Wang

Ziwei was our data analysis graduate assistant. Ziwei at the time of working at the DSC, was a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography and a research assistant in the SPECTRAL lab. Ziwei did a wonderful job helping us at the DSC, teaching RStudio and LaTeX workshops as well as assisting students with their RStudio questions.

2020 Graduate Assistant (Data Analysis)

Alex Gavrilov

Alex was our Quantitative Analysis Graduate Assistant. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree, majoring in Computer Information Systems, and minoring in Business Administration. He at the time was working on his Master’s Degree in Health Informatics, researching telehealth and decision support systems. Alex taught various workshops on Quantitative Analysis with RStudio & Excel, as well as Data Visualization with Tableau. In his spare time, Alex enjoys hiking, tennis, and cooking.

2020 Graduate Assistant (Quantitative Analysis)

Viet Dao

Viet was our Quantitative Analysis Graduate Assistant. He has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science & Statistics and at the time of working in the DSC was working on his Master’s Degree in Statistics. Viet taught workshops on Quantitative Analysis with RStudio & Excel, as well as Data Visualization with RStudio. In his spare time, Viet likes playing with data, building web applications, exploring the outdoors, and observing animals.

2020 Graduate Assistant (Quantitative Analysis)

Merrick Paquin-Mannington

Merrik was our Virtual Reality (VR) expert. Merrick brought with him a wealth of VR experience, including programming for a Virtual Reality Tsunami simulation of the Port Alberni tsunami in 1964. Here is a  great CBC article on the VR Tsunami project:  Among other things, Merrick helped launch our introduction to VR programming workshop.

2018 Graduate Assistant (VR)

Tessa Coutu

Tessa was our Curriculum Graduate Expert who helped us with our badging pilot project and helped standardize our workshop materials and feedback surveys. Tessa at the time of working for the DSC was a Germanic and Slavic Studies graduate student and worked at the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre to help them develop teaching resources and K-12 program materials.

2018 Graduate Assistant (Curriculum)

 Wenmeng Liu (Crystal)

Wenmeng was our Data Visualization Graduate Expert. Wenmeng provided a strong background with a number of data visualization tools, including Tableau, and RStudio.

2018 Graduate Assistant (Data Visualization)

Ben Liu

Ben was our data analysis graduate expert, he provided one-on-one consultations and registrations for his RStudio workshops.

2018 Graduate Assistant (Data Analysis)

Alex Goudine

Alex was our Maps and Geospatial Data graduate expert and consulted with students and taught the QGIS and ArcGIS workshops that he created. He also worked for the head of our library systems doing prep work on the computers that were going into the Libraries historic computing lab. 

2018 Graduate Assistant (Geospatial and Data)


Jacob Lower

Jacob was our Electronics graduate from the Computer Science & Mathematics department. Jacob helped with creating a new Raspberry Pi workshop, and updating our Machine Learning workshop, as well as working in the Libraries’ Digital Archeology Lab. He also for the head of our library systems doing prep work on the computers that were going into the Libraries historic computing lab. 

2018 Graduate Assistant (Electronics) and previously was a  Young Canada Works Summer Student


Darren Reid

Darren was our Virtual and Augmented Reality graduate assistant who at the time, was completing his graduate studies in the History department. Darren has helped us with designing and teaching a range of new workshops and workshop activities in this exciting and rapidly evolving field.

2018 Graduate Assistant (VR)


Cheyenne Heenan

Cheyenne graduated from the Mechanical Engineering department and at the time of working for the DSC, was the propulsion lead in the campus Rocket club. Cheyenne has done an excellent job creating  Intermediate 3D Design workshop and is keeping our 3D printing services working smoothly

2018-2019 Intern. 

Black and white photo of Alessia

Alessia Kockel

Alessia helped create and teach the QGIS workshop. Alessia has an interesting background in geospatial research of marine conservation areas in the Philippines. She completed her Masters of Science at UVic and has been recognized for various projects including a five minute Research Reels winning video.

Alessia is currently a marine biologist and marine spatial planner who supports projects/programs for biodiversity conservation and sustainable resource management. Most of her research and work to date has focused on the design and management of marine protected areas (MPA) networks, particularly in Canada and the Philippines. In addition, she continues to be involved in capacity building, technical and non-technical training, and professional development related to marine conservation and natural resource management.

Here is her website for some of her projects. 

2018 Graduate Assistant (Geospatial Expert)



Kim Shortreed

During his time of work with us, Kim Shortreed (he/him) was a PhD Candidate in Media Studies and Digital Humanities at the University of Victoria, in lək̓ʷəŋən Traditional Territory. Kim studied the historical, sociopolitical, narrative, and meaning-making aspects of Indigenous and settler place names, or toponyms, and how they coexist in the Salish Sea. Kim’s goal with this work was to find new ways for settler institutions and allies to make space for Indigenous namescapes, perspectives, histories, and truths.

As part of his dissertation project, called “Contracolonial Practices in Salish Sea Namescapes,” Kim was working with artist TEMOSEṈ to create a “haptic map,” a motion-activated art installation that plays audio clips of spoken toponyms, in SENĆOŦEN and English, of the W̱SÁNEĆ Territory/Saanich Peninsula, respectively. You can read more about the haptic map on Kim’s Namescape blog or learn more about him at

Caroline Winter

Caroline at the time of working at the DSC, was a PhD Candidate in the English Department at UVic. She studied British Romantic literature and is writing a dissertation on Gothic economics. Her other research interests included print and popular culture of the long nineteenth century, Jane Austen, and, of course, digital humanities. Caroline is the editor of Mary Shelley’s Gothic Tales in The Keepsake and the co-editor of Gothic Colours, a portal for investigating the use of colour in nineteenth-century Gothic literature. When she’s not reading and writing, Caroline enjoys cooking, watching period dramas and sci-fi/fantasy shows, and taking her dog to the beach.


Tiffany Chan

Tiffany Chan

Tiffany at the time of starting her work at the DSC, was finishing her MA in English literature with a focus in digital humanities and nineteenth-century studies. She did her  BA (also in literature) at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. She also participated in the Digital Humanities Summer at Institute (DHSI) as both a student and a co-instructor.

For the previous two years, Tiffany held a Research Assistantship at the UVic MLab. At the MLab, we remade old technologies with new ones (e.g. small computers such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi). She learned many, if not all, of my technical skills informally for lab-related and personal projects. For example, she made a Stranger Things-inspired light up display with Arduino and some LED lights.

Tiffany’s major responsibilities were developing and delivering workshops to students, as well as troubleshooting projects or new technologies that arrived in our lab. I also wrote blog posts, technical documentation, and instructions for both internal (fellow staff) and end-users (students, faculty, staff).

When not tinkering with electronics, Tiffany does martial arts, reads, and goes on food adventures.

2017 Graduate Assistant (Electronics)

Tiffany is now continuing to work at the DSC, she is located in office 318g and works as a senior developer for the Libraries.