Intermediate 3D Design with Fusion 360

Are you a UVic student, faculty, or staff member and want to learn a more advanced 3D design program than TinkerCAD? Look no further! Join us for this intermediate workshop on Fusion 360 and more advanced 3D printing considerations. Fusion 360 is ideal for creating utilitarian designs requiring complex, editable features. The workshop will go over basic Fusion 360 skills such as creating/editing sketches, dimensioning, and applying features. The 3D printing aspect of the workshop goes over some techniques for printing objects with specific dimensions. Also, you can learn how to measure everyday objects using calipers. Workshop activities include splitting a .stl file into several components, designing a phone stand, and modelling a Lego brick.

It is recommended that you have some prior experience with a design program, such as TinkerCAD, before taking this workshop.

Find our current list of scheduled workshops on our Workshops page. View the workshop lesson plan here: 3D Design with Fusion 360.