Campbell & Tanaka (2021)

Campbell, A., & Tanaka, J. W. (2021). When a stranger becomes a friend: Measuring the neural correlates of real-world face familiarisation. Visual Cognition, 29(10), 689-707.

V-VSS 2021 Virtual Posters

May 21-23, 2021 Congratulations to our lab members presenting at the 2021 Vision Sciences Society Annual Meeting Tahirih Altair, James Tanaka, Amy Dawel, & Amy vanWell, Emotion recognition of perceived genuine …

Alison Campbell

Research Interests I am interested in the speed and efficiency of face and object recognition and how these processes are influenced by visual experience. In object recognition, experience in discriminating …

V-VSS 2020 Virtual Posters

June 12, 2020 See Campbell & Tanaka’s Face identification with SOAs of 33ms and 100ms with 4ms of stimulus exposure video poster presented at virtual-VSS 2020.