V-VSS 2021 Virtual Posters

May 21-23, 2021 Congratulations to our lab members presenting at the 2021 Vision Sciences Society Annual Meeting

Tahirih Altair, James Tanaka, Amy Dawel, & Amy vanWell, Emotion recognition of perceived genuine or posed expressions using web-based eye tracking

Katelyn Forner, James Tanaka, & Isabella Schopper, Evaluating faces and bodies: Does body information influence face perception?

Olivia Longpre, James Tanaka, Ipek Cukurova, & Amy vanWell, Investigating the Effects of Orthography, Neighborhood Density, and Frequency on Single Word Recognition in a Visual Search Task

Amy vanWell, James Tanaka, Xiaoyi Liu, & Jacob Martin, Investigating the Time Course of Face Perception Using Web-based Eye Tracking