DML Attends NOWCAM 2022 In Person!

April 28-30, 2022. The Different Minds Lab presented five separate projects at NOrthWest Cognition & Memory 2022, hosted at Simon Fraser University, Surrey Campus. As the first in-person conference we’ve attended since 2019, this conference was a great success!


Amy vanWell – Gazer: The temporal and spatial resolution of a web-based eye tracking system [pdf]

Tahirih Nasseri – Emotion recognition of genuine versus posed expressions

Katelyn Forner & Isabella Schopper – Does the face say it all? How face information influences body perception [pdf]


Allie Rolle & Kyla Basbaum – Is it who you know? Cross-race perception of facial expressions in Black and White groups [pdf]

Ipek Cukurova & Olivia Longpre, presented by Jessica Silverman – Investigating individual differences in visual word recognition using a lexical decision task and the north american adult reading [pdf]