Community Resources

Below are community resources that can be browsed by tags related to priority area, location and target population. Lists created by organizations can be found here.

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Free Legal Advice for Tenancy Disputes

Access Pro Bono is an organization that provides free legal assistance and representation to low and modest-income tenants who are contending with tenancy law issues before the Residential Tenancy Branch. To see if you qualify for free legal assistance and...

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Tenancy Laws & Rules

This is a webpage posted by the Government of BC which outlines the Acts and regulations that support and protect the rights of both landlords and tenants – ensuring that all tenancy business is conducted properly and fairly. Four acts are outlined: The Residential...

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TRAC – Free Legal Representation

TRAC’s Housing Law Clinic Lawyer can provide free legal advice and/or representation for the following types of cases: you would like a Supreme Court Judge to review your Residential Tenancy Branch decision for a serious error or unfairness; you need help enforcing a...

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BIPOC Resources Vancouver

Black Lives Matter has released a resource page for BIPOC individuals in Vancouver. This list includes emergency/crisis resources, legal aid, and mental health supports, among others. These resources are open to everyone who identifies as part of the BIPOC community....

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