The CALL Facility – 30th Anniversary!

🎇 1989 to 2019 🎇
30th Anniversary of
The CALL Facility!

The CALL Facility was ….. UNLEASHED ….. upon an unsuspecting University of  Victoria audience in September of 1989!

And the rest ….. is history! Having survived multiple renovations, multiple floods (The Great Flood of 2015 was the worst!) and multiple MEGA-technological advances ….. The CALL Facility is still here!

Throughout 2019 I will have ‘Retro‘ posts, showing how much has changed in The CALL Facility! And starting with the original ‘newspaper’ announcement of the opening of ‘The Language Centre’ complete with memorable quotes such as:

” ….. one is reminded of a scene from Star Trek.”

“….. a screen is lowered from the ceiling.”

“….. combination of networked audio, video and computer equipment.”

“….. and eventually CD-ROM, an emerging technology which allows huge quantities of computer information to be stored on a single compact disc,”

and my favourite …..

“….. there may be a temptation to use a starship transporter system to get there …..”

Enjoy reading the first ever article about The CALL Facility, and more classic ‘technology’ quotes below, as we were just a part of, at the time, “The Language Centre“!

WOW! This was ‘State of the Art’ in 1989!