The Daily Colonist 1916-05-16 pg. 5
The Daily Colonist 1916-05-16 pg. 5


Major Edward Alfred Innes Pym was born in London, England on February 2, 1858[1]. He was the son of General Lawes Pym of the Royal Marine Light Infantry. He was educated in a private school in Brighton, England. Later on, he would attend a school in Bruges, Belgium. 

When he was 17, he secured his very first commission in the Warwickshire Militia. It was here that he passed through this channel and into the regiment called the old 29th Foot. Then in 1877, in Aldershot, he joined it as a second lieutenant. He proceeded to stay in England with this regiment  until 1879 when the regiment was sent to India. He would continue to serve here until 1890, a total of 11 years.

During this time in India, Pym was able to find happiness and  married in 1884 to Eliza Clara Pym. The daughter of his commander, Colonel Woodhouse. It was soon after this at the very early age of 25 that he received the rank of Captain. He then rejoined the English regiment which would become the first battalion in India.

In 1890 Pym decided that it was time to retire, abd thus he returned to England with his wife. Later on in the year, he went to live in California and became an orange famrmer. In 1902 he began work at the Risdon Iron Works in San Francisco to which the company then sent him to the West Coast of Africa to help continue the construction of gold saving dredge machinery. 

Coming to Canada and The 88th Regiment, Victoria Fusiliers

In 1905 he came to Canada and worked at the Canada Car and Foundry Company of Montreal. In 1907, he was able to obtain a position of the hotel department of the Canadian Pacific Railway, in Vernon B.C. A position he held until 1909. In 1913, he came to Vancouver Island to manage the Godman properties in Port Renfrew. And in September 1914, he became a resident of Victoria. He once again obtained a commission and became part of the 88th Regiment, Victoria Fusiliers, in November 1915.[2]

Written by Geoffrey Hendrie and Nathan Waller


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