The Daily Colonist 1916-05-16 Pg. 5


Benjamin Hutchison Harrison was born in Thorner, Yorkshire, England July 31, 1883. He was educated at the Magnus Grammar School Newark-on-Trent. Harrison started his business career at Messrs. Samuel Smith & Co. in 1900. In 1906 Harrison entered life as a rancher in Canada. He was married to Mrs Gladys Harrison.

He served in England and France with the 88th Battalion, 30th Reserve battalion, 1st Reserve Battalion, Canadian school of musketry, Shornecliffe., Canadian Corps Reinforcement Camp.

Military Service

In 1901 he volunteered for the South African Boer War. After seeing active service, he went on and joined the Cape Mounted Riflemen.

After the war, in 1906, he decided to enter the life as a rancher in Canada until 1915.

88th Regiment, Victoria Fusiliers

He would continue with this life when the Great War began. Then in 1915 he received a commission in the newly formed 88th regiment, Victoria Fusiliers, and was made second in command of the unit. Having joined he acted as an adjutant from April until November of the same year. This was when the over seas battalion was formed.[1][2]

Written by Geoffrey Hendrie and Nathan Waller


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