British Army Ranks

The following are the ranks of Officers, Non-Combat Officers (NCO) The Warrant Officers (W.O.) and soldiers during WW1. Despite the army being Canadian its soldiers were still being ranked in the British form of ranks. However, it should be noted that during the war various ranks, positions would either be abolished, created or (in the case of the Canadian army) would be changed and known as something else.

*Please note that this is a basic and simplified version of the ranking which tries not to include any ranking of appointments (in short, sub-rankings within a ranking). If you want a more detailed list of British ranks and explanations visit here or the links in the references.

RANK- Warrant Officers, N.C.O’s [i]


Warrant Officer 1st Class 1/WO
Warrant Officer 2nd Class 2/WO
Sergeant Major Sgt.Maj
Quarter-Master Sergeant  
Staff Sergeant or Colour Sergeant  
Quartermaster Company Sergeant, Squadron Sergeant, Battery Sergeant  
Sergeant Sgt.
Corporal/Lance Corporal Cpl./L.Cpl
Bombardier/Lance-Bombardier Bdr , LBdr or L/Bdr      
Private Pvt.


Field Marshall FM
General Gen.
Lieutenant General Lt.Gen
Major General Maj.Gen
Brigadier/Brigadier General Brig/Brig.Gen
Colonel Col
Major Maj
Captain Capt
Lieutenant Lt
Second Lieutenant 2/Lt


Adjutant: a military officer who acts as an administrative assistant to a senior officer.

Busbie: a tall fur hat with a colored cloth flap hanging down on the right-hand side and often a plume on the top, worn by soldiers of certain regiments of hussars and artillerymen.         
: a representative member of the church that is attached to a regiment of or for the army.



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