Reconnecting with campus

What are you missing most about UVic right now? A freshly brewed coffee from Biblio? Meeting friends for a dog walk? Sharing a laugh with a favourite prof?

In a recent MyUVicLife post, English undergrad Teresa Sammut encourages us to stop and reflect on these UVic memories.

“I encourage everyone in this community to reflect on their most-beloved campus moment,” she writes. “Find a way to emulate your gratitude for its benefits to your UVic experience. Whether that be through writing a letter or reflecting by yourself, reflect on your happy memories, there will be more to come.”

Teresa shares some positivity and campus reflection with a reading from Aurora Leigh by Elizabeth Barrett Browning in this video.

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  1. Monika Smith says:

    You gave a beautiful reading of a beautiful passage in a beautiful setting. Thank you! I miss our beautiful campus, and in this short video you conjured so much of what makes it a special place.

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