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Learning and fun for the kids at home

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Learn Indigenous languages while you colour

Engage with Indigenous languages in a new and creative way. The Tah’lum Indigenous Artist Collective has created two language-learning colouring books for people of all ages. The colouring books illustrate how Indigenous artists connect...

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Colour with the Vikes

Do you wish you could run, kick, and climb with the Vikes right now? We do too! We’re working hard to find innovative ways to run our camps this summer. In the meantime, the...

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Writing science right for kids

What’s a microbe? Why is the sky blue? What makes colour anyway? Some of us are facing a few new questions these days as we play educator to inquisitive kids. Unfortunately, science isn’t a...

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A portal to the past

Time machines haven’t been invented yet (as far as we know), but that doesn’t mean you can’t interact with the past. Immerse yourself in the rough and tumble times of BC’s Gold Rush, with Barkerville...