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Bridging divides with the Victoria Forum

COVID-19 is more than just a health crisis. It’s having a widespread impact on our economies, our societies and our environment. The virus is deepening existing divides within and between economies. Social and economic...

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Explore Latin America virtually this fall

With many countries still under strict travel restrictions, most of us are sticking close to home this fall. But a new virtual field school lets you study in Latin America without crossing any borders....

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Leadership is service

The last several months have made us think and talk about public health like never before. And we’ve gained a whole new respect for public health experts and leaders. One such person is Dr....

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Of conflict and co-existence

In British Columbia, conflict between humans and black bears is on the rise. In the past few months black bears have been spotted around Victoria, including on our very own campus. Conservation scientist Lauren...

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Uncovering history with a microscope

In 2004, samples of two ancient Coast Salish blankets were sent to UVic’s Advanced Microscopy Facility for analysis. Were they made from fibre from mountain goats or the now extinct Salish wool dogs? What...

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The truth is out there, maybe

It’s unlikely that aliens walk among us, but what about further afield? In this talk, UVic Physics and Astronomy professor Jon Wills speaks about the ongoing search for alien life. From the mathematical certainty...