About the Logo

“Consent is respect I hold in myself my family, my ancestors and others I encounter”
Sisters Rising participant

Logo by artist Margaret Briere, Skwetu Art

I am an Indigenous Two-Spirited visual artist from Shishalh Nation and a guest on unceded Lekwungen and Wasanec territories.

The design I created for the Sisters Rising project expresses a sense of hope and change for girls and youth of all genders who have experienced sexualized violence. The face in the middle symbolizes recognition of all genders as well as honouring and giving back to our Mother Earth. The mountains represent a return to our own spirituality. The open hands at the canoe offer a message of compassionate care for others when they reach out, as this will promote the change we are all seeking. This logo is a peaceful, loving, and healing vision for each person’s personal transformation journey. What has gotten me through some of my most challenging times is body healing, external supports, and listening to the messages of my dreams. To the youth today, dreams are a message of a path to follow. Follow your gifts.


For more information about Margaret’s work, please visit Skwetu Art on Facebook or at http://margaretwarriorlov0.wixsite.com/skwetuart

Skw’étu? is a word for Raven in the Shashishalhem language, located in Shishalh territory. My lineage is from Xenichen village, home to the Shíshálh (Sechelt) people.