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Are you interested in joining the Motivations and Intercultural Relations Lab?

Graduate Student

I will be accepting 1-2 graduate students in 2022-2023. I am looking for motivated students who are interested in research in intercultural/intergroup relations, cultural psychology, diversity science, and/or motivation science.  If you are interested in completing a graduate degree in the social psychology program at the University of Victoria with me, please familiarize yourself with the graduate program process and contact me ( for more information. In your email, please include your CV and cover letter (research experience, fit, and career goal). 

Postdoctoral Researchers

If you are interested in joining the MIR lab as a postdoc, feel free to contact me directly. I am planning on applying to grants to support a postdoctoral researcher in the next couple of years. I am open to collaborating on external postdoctoral fellowship proposals (e.g., SSHRC postdoc, CIHR postdocBanting postdoc, MITACS postdoc). You can also check out UVic’s post-doctoral fellows page for procedures and opportunities.

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Undergraduate Student 

Students in the undergraduate program can become involved in various capacities, including as a research assistant, independent study student, honours student, and work-study student. I primarily accept new research assistants and independent study students at the beginning of the fall term, but opportunities may arise throughout the academic year. Please read below for more detailed information.

Honours Thesis

 The UVic Psychology Honours Program gives undergraduate students the opportunity to complete an original research project under a faculty supervisor. If you are interested in completing an Honours thesis please familiarize yourself with the application deadlines and process. Following this, please contact Dr. Nigel Lou and briefly outline your research interests, include a resume and a writing sample, and apply through the UVic Honours Psychology Portal. Dr. Lou will be accepting students for Fall 2023.

Research Assistant & Independent Study

  If you are interested in becoming involved in the MIR Lab as a volunteer research assistant or independent study student, you should visit our research page to match your interests, and follow these steps:

1. Complete this form (note that you have to use UVic email to complete the form):

2. Email the MIR Lab at to inform your completion and expressing your research interests.

3. Attach your CV and transcript (and a writing sample if you have one from previous courses) in the email.

Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Awards (JCURA) Program

This UVic award encourages undergraduates to pursue innovative and original research and enhance learning while providing a valuable preparatory experience towards graduate studies or a research related career. This award experience allows students to be mentored by a faculty supervisor. If you have an idea for a research project want to see if I am interested in working with you on this application: 

1. Check your eligiblity on the JCURA website.

2. Email the MIR Lab at expressing your research interests, and attach your CV and transcript (and a writing sample if you have one from previous courses) in the email.

First year student – VKURA Award program

The Valerie Kuehne Undergraduate Research Awards (VKURA) provides opportunities for first-year UVic undergrads “to gain research-enriched and applied experiences in their discipline.” Award recipients spend 12 weeks (starting in May) directly supervised by a faculty member while working on a creative academic project.  They receive $7,500 in support. They can apply to use a VKURA in life of a co-op placement.  Please see

Work-study program

UVic Work Study program offers an opportunity for students to work part-time on campus in jobs that accommodate their studies. Each term, students must apply for Work Study via the applicable financial assistance application, more information can be found here:

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