Majestic cedars and arbutus reach overhead as flocks of chickadees and juncos flitter about. The trail gravel crunches as you walk through Mystic Vale and admire the green foliage of the ferns around you.

This is UVic.

And then there’s the science…

Our busy lab focuses our creativity on understanding the molecular basis of health and disease, on fundamental mechanisms of how hormones work, how environmental contaminants disrupt hormone action, and what biological molecules can tell us about species in the environment and the impact of pollution and climate change.



Dept. of Biochemistry and Microbiology

Ph.D. University of Western Ontario
B.Sc. (Hon.) University of Windsor

University of Victoria
Victoria, British Columbia, V8P 5C2

Room: 249 Petch Bldg.

Office: (250)721-6146

Lab: (250)721-7086

Lab Members

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