Discovering antibiotic alternatives

A solution to a global threat: Discovering new antibiotic alternatives. Check out the new publication from the Helbing lab and collaborators that just came out in the journal “Antibiotics“

REACH Awards

Congrats, Emma, for winning top presenter for Biochemistry and Microbiology at the 2022 Honoursfest. We’re hopping excited about your accomplishment!

REACH Awards

Congrats to Caren and Doug from Hemmera for receiving the UVic REACH award for Excellence in Research Partnerships! REACH Awards

Congrats to Lorissa and Michael for winning the Canadian Ecotoxicology Workshop Tiktox competitions! And for Lorissa’s 2nd place finish for best student oral presentation! Check out their winning entries at:!

Thyroid Hormone Havoc

Congratulations to Anita and team for an impressive review on endocrine disruptors, thyroid hormone, and hormonal crosstalk published in Environmental Research! It can be accessed here:

Detecting Elusive Snakes

Congratulations for the publication of an eDNA paper on sharp-tailed snake! This is an excellent demonstration of the use of the eLowQuant code. Take a look here:

New Articles to Read!

Biodiversity project with University of Victoria connection to use Indigenous eco-knowledge Pan-Canadian team to lead national project to analyze and create standards for environmental DNA