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  1. Brad Hurkett Reply

    Hi Caren,
    I am working on a project assessing high mountain lakes in three headwater watersheds in SW Alberta that were historically Westslope cutthroat trout dominant. The objective of the study is to assess fish habitat at each lake to determine the suitability of each habitat for Westslope cutthroat introductions/reintroductions. A number of these lakes have been stocked with rainbow trout, and brook trout which status are currently unknow. There are also a few lakes with pure westslope cutthroat trout and another few that are believed to be uninhabited. Our plan is to collect eDNA samples at each of these lakes this summer to detect the presence of any of the three trout species. Currently I am seeking a lab to process our samples. I understand your lab has the assays (Alberta) for all three species? This is my first eDNA project and I am new to the eDNA analysis but have some knowledge as I have recently completed Jarod Hobbs course in April. Can you provide me with costs and any other information about the eDNA analysis process?
    Thank you


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