Many Welcomes and Congratulations from Summer and Fall 2020!

Amidst the chaos of lab shutdowns, transitions to an online world, border closures, gradual lab reopenings, and constantly changing research conditions, our team has achieved many milestones!  I am humbled by the strength, creativity, and resilience of the people I work with.

Anna Curtin and Caitlin Vail both successfully defended their MASc theses in August 2020.  Congratulations to the first graduates of the Green Safe Water Lab!

Dr. Jolie Lam joined us in July 2020 as a postdoctoral fellow, and in September 2020 Grace Tieman and Chris Tremblay joined us as MSc students, while Anna Masarsky joined our team as a co-op student, and Elliot Howell joined us as a Chem 498 thesis student.  A belated welcome to all of you!