Please submit an Expression of Interest  if you feel you may be well-suited to one of these positions.  In general, I will only reply to unsolicited requests from those who have thoughtfully completed the form linked here.

Undergraduate positions

NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards: students who may be eligible should contact me to discuss writing a proposal together.

Research projects (CIVE 480 / CIVE 499 / CHEM 498 / CHEM 499) for UVic Students with strong academics and recommendation from a laboratory supervisor or Co-op advisor.

Masters and PhD positions

Positions are currently available on all projects for strong candidates in Civil Engineering and Chemistry. Proposals of new research ideas aligned with the group are also welcome.

NSERC Graduate Scholarships: students who may be eligible should get in touch to discuss writing a proposal together.

Other opportunities

Post-doctoral researcher positions are available upon joint application for funding.

We are excited to collaborate with companies interested in jointly employing anyone from an intern to a post-doctoral researcher to undertake a commercially-focused research project.  I can be reached by email to discuss opportunities.

Equity and Diversity

In the Buckley Group, we strive to create a safe and inclusive working environment in which researchers from diverse backgrounds and with diverse goals can thrive.  We support researchers in their family and personal life priorities because we believe that a rewarding research career is only one aspect of a rich, rewarding life.

Many of our projects involve “bench” research and/or field work.  While physical mobility and visual acuity are useful for this work, they are by no means requirements to be a good researcher or a valuable member of our team.  I encourage all interested students, regardless of physical ability, to consider a career in research and to get in touch.